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Get ready to explore some of Norway's best known natural and cultural attractions. Ålesund has a beautiful setting across several islands stretching out into the sea, and is situated at the very entrance of the world famous Geirangerfjord. The town is an excellent starting point for round trips to some of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions. Above all, Ålesund is internationally renowned for its unique architecture in the Art Nouveau style. The town was devastated by fire a winter night in 1904, leaving 850 houses in ashes and 10,000 people homeless. During a remarkably short period of time, the new Ålesund was rebuilt in the unique architectural style, especially significant from 1890-1910, with a myriad of turrets, spires and medieval ornaments. A stroll through the town centre reveals a town of colourful and charming architecture. The Art Nouveau Centre, located in a beautiful Art Nouveau building, portrays the town’s unique position in Norwegian architectural history.



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